So you like to experiment, huh?

(UPDATE–Welcome TheOtherMcCain readers!  And thanks, smitty, for the great Oscar Wilde quote I’d never seen.  And me making a Dorian Gray/progressive comparison, too.)  

In the previous post, F’n D Roosevelt was experimenting on America.  But don’t worry, because “If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.”  See, unlike pharmaceutical companies, Democrats don’t have to test their medicines before forcing them down patients’ throats.  That’s how Roosevelt poisoned the body politic.

Feds are sooooo much smarter than Edison.  He failed thousands of times to get a decent light bulb.  Whereas the government can start thousands of “experiments” and never admit failure.

How do you determine failure when you’re changing vast numbers of variables simultaneously on everyone at once

Suppose Edison had 50 excellent research assistants for his light bulb project.  The smart thing, according to F’n D Roosevelt, is to force all 50 to do the same exact thing.  The W.O.R.M.y approach is to do up to 50 different experiments.  

Look, you can’t do an experiment when there’s no control group and there’s an indeterminate number of variables, some of which you’re constantly changing.  The smart thing is to let people “pick their own poison”.  What if all 50 states did social engineering?  But five chose to do nothing?  Well, there’s your control group.  And if the other 45 took a variety of different approaches to the problem? 

If Edison could have run 50 simultaneous but different experiments at once, he would have.  And would have reached his goal 50 times faster.  Also, each state doing its own thing means more people do what they want, not what they’re told.  What seems more likely to work…voluntary or involuntary socialism

And once we see what works…what do you think unsuccessful states will do?  Reject the better mousetrap? You don’t have to force people to do what works.  That’s why progressives won’t let us out of their clutches.

F’n D wouldn’t have known an experiment if it knocked him over.  This is the dude who, when dictating gold prices, suggested a 21-cent increase in price because “three times seven” is a lucky number.  Science!

And of course the smart thing to do is also the Constitutional thing to do.  The Fed has never had authority to impose mandatory social reallocation.

But say it did.  Let’s judge Roosevelt by his claim.  New Deal programs, and those that followed, are bankrupting our country.  Anyone care to argue that they aren’t?  Anyone sane, that is.  So, F’n D…would you regard bankrupting your country as a success, or a failure?

Folks, you want to experiment on people?  To help them?  Go into science…not politics.  And get rid of these would-be geniuses while we’re at it.

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