You claim the right to choose? So choose.

Solving the abortion question is simple.  Incredibly simple.  We just need to determine precisely when human life begins. 

(I did say simple, not easy.)

The W.O.R.M. has had no divinely-inspired answer.  And reasoning offers two possibilities.  Two, and only two.

A new life is created at conception.  So if it’s not a human yet, but will eventually become one…then it’s when it develops the quality that separates human from animal.  And no, let’s not say it’s the “spirit”.  We’ll call it “conscious awareness”.

Animals are conscious…but they aren’t conscious of that consciousness.  They don’t explore it with itself.  They reason, but recursively?  They’re aware, but not of their own awareness. 

So, fetuses aren’t human at conception?  Then they only become people upon attaining self-awareness.  The epiphany of “I am!” marks the transition from animal to human.

So what age is that?  Surely development varies somewhat.  But what if it’s fifteen months after conception?  Or even only ten?  Then killing a newborn is no more murder than any other abortion. 

More exploration of this later (it’s past bedtime.)  Just want to ask a final question.  If you aren’t sure where human life begins…on which side do you err?  Do you prematurely treat a fetus a person…or do you kill a human being?  

Either prove to us you know when human life begins…or choose on which side of the divide you fall. 

You should be able to guess my position.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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