The greatest living American satirist.

Is here.

Iowahawk’s last few posts don’t really prove my claim.  But that’s only because he’s been blogging beer and cars lately.

Okay, fine, those are his usual subjects.  But when he’s not drunk, disorderly, and driving, he writes wickedly cutting stuff in the widest range of styles I’ve seen.  Ever.  And by my calculations, I’ve read one billion words in English. 

So it’s almost six in the morning, but I’m digging.  I can’t cover his range in one post.  But by backing through his archives we’ll see a demented, Heath-Ledger-as-Joker-ish mind.

Faux-journalistHis most common trope.  An above-it-all critique of…all the stuff that “journalists” don’t cover.

 Victorian pron.

Cheerful destroyer of all that’s good.

Mindreader of suxxor beyotches.

Fitzgerald as a Republican.

Congressman Dante.

(Not one in a hundred will get all these references.  But I seek only a nod of acknowledgement from da Hawk, not your pathetic appreciation.)

Golden Girls scriptwriter.

Anti-Green monster movies.

…I dunno.  Freudian chill-billy?

Shameless Madison Avenue.

Fake cowardice.

Fake academia.

Garrison Keillor on meth.

Snide anthropomorphic magazines.

Progressive Sherlock Holmes.

Celebrity roasts.

Orson Welles.

It’s 6:33.  I give up.  His “Greek epics” are…epic, but buried too deep in the archives.  Iowahawk is beyond any single post.  But I’m gonna try to suck up to him now, using this worshipful entry as a start.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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