Rule 5 prejudice–what’s not to dislike?

In Viva Las Vegas, Ann-Margaret makes her glorious entrance wearing very tight very white very short shorts.  I was a child before that sight, a stunned adolescent afterwards.  You see, Ann’s “Rusty Martin” can trigger S.P.O.S. in susceptible pre-teens.  I can’t find a good pic of that moment, how about the shotgun approach? 

( via viva)

Anyway.  S.P.O.S., Sudden Puberty Onset Syndrome, was first diagnosed by yours truly.  Without medical training even.

Of course, Ann makes grown men’s eyes bug out too:

The point of this is…redheads!  Ann-Margaret turned an unbiased boy into a prejudiced man.

You understand this isn’t a negative bias, right?  It’s also fairly mild; few of my long-ago dating partners were gingers.  But, everything else being equal, I gawk a bit more at–


–gurgle.(h/t ocular candy)

Awareness of one’s prejudice isn’t that rare.  But I bet knowing exactly how it originated is.  Try it, guys.  Begin watching Viva Ann-Margaret as a child, and finish it as an adolescent.

Leaves a mark, don’t it?

This post (filled with Rule 5 ebony goodness!), tells how my love for a woman, “V”, led me to hate the Democratic Party.  V once asked me if I had a thing for black women.  I said, “not before meeting you.”  But now, everything else being equal,

a gorgeous-faced, Barbie Doll-shaped ebon woman does indeed spin my head milliseconds faster than an equally beautiful woman

who reminds me less of “V”. (Thanks again, besteyecandy

So, I have two positive biases about female beauty.  And yet they don’t reinforce each other. Rihanna-Red is beautiful, (h/t Essence) but not more than Rihanna-Dark.  But I’m perfectly willing to reserve judgement.  If any other Rule 5 followers want to display some African-American gingers, I’ll be first in line to check them out.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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