Deep down, Democrats & progressives know they’re peddling poison, not medicine.

This post noted that if pharmaceutical companies hawked their wares the way Congress sells legislation, pharm executives would all be in jail.  I’ll add that, at some level, Democrats (and some Republicans) know that they’re pushing poison.  Some are even consciously aware of it.

Consider this approach.  Whenever statists are grubbing for new laws and powers, tell them, “We both know you’re only going to make things worse.”   They’ll get mad and probably call you a racist.  But when you can squeeze in another comment say, “so why not prove your medicine works before forcing it down my throat?”

Tell them in America we have these things called “states”, which can actually have laws all their own.  And the densely populated states have much higher concentrations of progressives.  This probably doesn’t occur to them because they live in big cities.  So ask them to institute their brilliant ideas in their own state and prove they work.    

They won’t though.  Because they know they’re peddling poison, not medicine.  They claim these mandatory ideas will improve service and lower costs.  Let me share a secret with you, Ass Party:

You don’t have to force people to get more bang for their buck.  Turns out they actually enjoy it.  Who knew? 

So, obviously, statists don’t believe the crap they’re spewing.  If they did, they’d build those better mousetraps in their own states and then get a warm glow watching us imitate them. 

There are a number of ideas I plan to jam into the nation’s consciousness.  This is one of them: 

If you can’t make “progressive” politics work where it’s wanted, what makes you think it’ll work where it’s not?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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