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The other reason why Shaker communism worked.

This post notes that there is one historical example of a successful Marxist economy.  It required that everyone give up sex. Don’t expect to see another successful one in this lifetime.   There’s another thing …Shakers practiced what they preached.  Even the “movers” of the Shakers.   … Continue reading

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Trust him, he wasn’t using TurboTax at the time.

Geithner says that letting tax cuts expire won’t hurt the economy. Great!  ‘Cause we all know how trustworthy he is with numbers. (Thanks to Jake Tapper, member of that nigh-extinct species know as “reporters”.)

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Marxism works! It’s a one-and-only case so far, though.

Just saw a comment at Pajamas Media right here, where someone stated that there’s no real-world example of Marxism working.  Technically that’s true.  But only because the culture predated Krazy Karl Marx.  The Shaking Quakers, “Shakers”, were dyed-in-the-wool communists.  Industrious, inventive, prosperous…communists.  Sounds nuts, … Continue reading

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I give unto you…a new world holiday.

September 19th is less than two months away, best start practicing those “Arrrrr”s and “matey”s for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s been a rousing success, by far the best Internet-created holiday so far. (Festivus is from television, don’t … Continue reading

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I have no nose and I must sneeze!*

Five minutes ago: “I’m gonna sneeze…no, almost…ahhhhHH I’M SNEEZING…not sneezing…SNEE…still no…” Four minutes ago: “BY ALL THAT’S HOLY LET ME SNEEZE PLEASE GOD LET ME SNEEZE!” Now: all better, thanks. *(With apologies to Harlan Ellison)

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Or we could destroy the Sun, that would work too.

Solar flares and magnetic storms will wreck calamity on Earth’s electrical grids. When? Shortly after Mr. Sun rouses himself from what’s been an exceptionally long and deep nap. Here’s something worth reading from a Mr. Joseph, at Huffington Post.  (No, … Continue reading

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True wisdom from a black…er, African…um…from a MAN’s-man, baby!

Hadn’t seen this before: If Morgan Freeman can dismiss all the race/racial/racist crap, I can too.  You don’t like it, take it up with him. (Hattip: fellow Roll Tider’s blog The Other McCain.)

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