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I give unto you…a new world holiday.

September 19th is less than two months away, best start practicing those “Arrrrr”s and “matey”s for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s been a rousing success, by far the best Internet-created holiday so far. (Festivus is from television, don’t … Continue reading

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I have no nose and I must sneeze!*

Five minutes ago: “I’m gonna sneeze…no, almost…ahhhhHH I’M SNEEZING…not sneezing…SNEE…still no…” Four minutes ago: “BY ALL THAT’S HOLY LET ME SNEEZE PLEASE GOD LET ME SNEEZE!” Now: all better, thanks. *(With apologies to Harlan Ellison)

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Or we could destroy the Sun, that would work too.

Solar flares and magnetic storms will wreck calamity on Earth’s electrical grids. When? Shortly after Mr. Sun rouses himself from what’s been an exceptionally long and deep nap. Here’s something worth reading from a Mr. Joseph, at Huffington Post.  (No, … Continue reading

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True wisdom from a black…er, African…um…from a MAN’s-man, baby!

Hadn’t seen this before: If Morgan Freeman can dismiss all the race/racial/racist crap, I can too.  You don’t like it, take it up with him. (Hattip: fellow Roll Tider’s blog The Other McCain.)

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Oh yeah, I promised advice for the black community.

Folks, it’s not that I’m a genius.  I find my intellect is exactly average. It’s just that as social animals you are all…regardless of race, creed, or gender…morons.   So attention, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  Barack Obama has one black … Continue reading

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Second metapost.

Okay, I pled exhaustion a moment ago, but apologies seem in order.  I haven’t improved at blogging, in frequency or quality.  I’ve spent an hour howling at WordPress for not letting me post before noticing I’d collapsed the publish menu. I blame my … Continue reading

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Tactical advice for the “black community”

In this post I admitted that I’m a Caucasian geek, that I’d never known love until my late thirties, and that the only woman I’ve ever loved is of African descent. I also noted some black Americans who publicly denounce “mixed” couples.  But … Continue reading

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My love-hate relationship.

In this post the Worm made his feelings for the Democratic Party known.  In fact, I placed Formal Declaration of War upon it.  That so frightened the Asses that they still haven’t dared respond. I’ve shared reasons for my loathing, but not what triggered it.  … Continue reading

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Bzzz bzzz bzzz…

If you follow news, as opposed to “journalism”, you’ll know about the latest Journolist revelations.  Here’s a few links about how these influential “journalists” put their cute lil’ heads together to minimize damage to Obama when the Rev. Wright “G-D America!” … Continue reading

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You’d think T.V. producers would be better at crime.

Just watched the short-lived but F.A.B. world of Gerry Anderson.  UFO: Has a common mistake in it.  I think I’d just seen it in a very Supernatural setting too:  I’m not sure it was S’Natural.  Regardless, this mistake is made all the time.  There’s a … Continue reading

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