The first rule of Constitution 2.0…

Back to the idea of the new-and-improved Constitution:

First concept–minimize vested interest in government.  Method of implementation–anyone working a federal job surrenders the right to vote in federal elections.  Naturally, individal states can decide whether to implement the concept locally (hint: they should!)

 Also, as noted in the previous post, people receiving welfare or other government aid give up the right to vote in that government’s elections.

Awww, are precious “freedoms” being infringed?  How?  Take a government job or not, get on welfare or not.  Decide whether the sacrifice is worth it.

We already apply this concept to our all-volunteer military.  Soldiers surrender considerable rights when they enlist.  Can they bad-mouth anyone they want, the way we civvies can?  Nope.  So are First Amendment rights being infringed?  Also nope.  They have been surrendered, not infringed.

You want to live off taxes?  You can still do that in Newmerica.  What you can’t do is vote yourself a raise.  And beggars don’t get to be chosers.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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