I want a divorce.

Let’s say that American political groups have reached irreconcilable differences.  How about we just divide America in two?  Everyone freely chooses their new country.  All resources evenly divided on a per capita basis.    

The dividing line is Maximal Government versus Maximal Liberty. 

Well, Obama can call Maximal Government whatever he’d like.  And Maximal Liberty already has a name, “Newmerica”.  But each side only defines itself, with no comment on the other.  An amicable divorce means Mommy and Daddy don’t bad-mouth each other, much less throw cutlery.

Under the first banner would be Obama, all liberals and progressives, almost all Democrats, and every single person on welfare.  The second group would be all Tea Partiers, some Republican leaders, almost all Republican rank-and-file, and every single “Don’t Tread On Me” American. 

Everyone else, choose between the two groups. 

The idea of splitting up the ol’ U.S.A. is appalling.  But isn’t it better than Colonists vs. King George, the Sequel?

Of course there’s no hope of an “uncontested” divorce.  This relationship will get messier, with one partner increasingly abusive.  Guess who?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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