There was a time when being “liberal” meant loving liberty.

Years ago “liberals” cited John Stuart Mill much more often than today.  They love one specific saying:

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.

Burn!  Of course, in his day what “conservatives” tried to conserve was tyrannical power, over women and slaves among other things.  Liberals wanted individual liberty from governmental power.

 John Stuart Mill is the very reason that today’s “liberals” get quotation marks around their label.  Since they seek to cast us back into totalitarian rule, the best label for them would be “reactionaries”.  Today’s liberals resemble JSM as noon resembles midnight.  They don’t cite him much these days because his philosophy is plainly antithetical to their desires.

What brings this on is an other McCain post  about Phyllis Schlafly.  She said, 

 “Seventy percent of unmarried women voted for Obama.  And this is because, when you kick your husband out, you’ve got to have Big Brother government to be your provider. . . .”

It was obvious to John Stuart Mill that people on the public dole (ie. welfare) should not be able to vote.  And it was blindingly obvious to the Worm upon encountering that observation.  Note that JSM had no problem with governmental welfare.  Nor do I, at the state level, and wouldn’t at the federal level if the Constitution had ever been amended to permit it.

But children don’t get an equal say with their parents in family finances.  Equally, and for the exact same reason, welfare recipients should not have a say in public finances.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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3 Responses to There was a time when being “liberal” meant loving liberty.

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  2. Brett says:

    Unfortunately, Mill gave away the keys to the kingdom with that “greatest good for the greatest number” line. With that sword, predators became “liberals.”

  3. wormme says:


    I’ve read fairly few JSM quotes, but they pack a huge punch. If you know him well, you can really kick arse.

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