Oh yeah, I promised advice for the black community.

Folks, it’s not that I’m a genius.  I find my intellect is exactly average.

It’s just that as social animals you are all…regardless of race, creed, or gender…morons.  

So attention, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  Barack Obama has one black parent and one white parent.  Is Obama considered white, or black?

How about Halle Barry?

Apparently black trumps white in the offspring department.  This doesn’t affect me.  I judge behavior, not genetics.  Plus I see validity in the “hybrid vigor” argument.  But aren’t the implications important to you puny humans? 

Here’s the math.  A million black Americans marry each other and produce 1.1 million black Americans. 

Or…a million black Americans marry a million non-black Americans and produce…2.2 million black Americans.

To advance “colored people”, you should encourage black folks to genetically mingle with other races.  (If you still don’t see the logic, you probably live in a big city.)

You’re all irrational, so who knows how you label the children of white/black and white parents.  Maybe black doesn’t always trump everything else, or maybe you subscribe to the “one drop” theory.  Send me your arbitrary verdict and I’ll run the numbers for you.

Point is, African-Americans are in the genetic driver’s seat.  You should cast your DNA far and wide, not isolate it.  And hey, I’m willing if you are. 

True, I’ve lost hope of winning my sole love, “V” (see here).  But if Rosario Dawson will oblige, I’ll happily make A-A babies with her and help the NAACP take over the world.

Oh oh oh!  I forgot to give a hat tip to besteyecandy, which provided this pic plus all those other beautiful African-American ladies in a previous post.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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