My love-hate relationship.

In this post the Worm made his feelings for the Democratic Party known.  In fact, I placed Formal Declaration of War upon it. 

That so frightened the Asses that they still haven’t dared respond.

I’ve shared reasons for my loathing, but not what triggered it.  And yet it’s sooooo romantic!  I am a social worm, but I was in love once.  Starting in my late thirties.  Is that socially retarded or what?

I’m a Caucasian American reared in Alabama and Kentucky.  “V” is a Long Island princess of African (actually Jamaican) descent.  She’s intelligent, well-raised, courteous to all, frequently playful.  

Her looks?  I won’t betray her privacy.  But this is the league she’s in:

Only moron racists will believe Caucasian men can’t, or shouldn’t, fall in love with such women.  

No, the question in sane minds would be, “what the heck did she see in you?!”

Well, she didn’t fall in love.  I could regret that she was interested long enough for me to tumble.  She let me pursue her, then resume pursuit later when another man hurt her.  

But without that I wouldn’t even know I’m capable of love.  So I hurt…but I don’t regret.  And I pray only the best for V.

Whose beauty, again, is along these lines:

I would have married V if she’d have had me.  And in the spring of 2001 I still had hopes it was possible.  Perfect time for Robert Byrd to repeatedly use the word “niggers” in a speech.

(More of that recently-deceased albino toad S.O.B’.s “greatest hits” are here.)

You could say I was greatly displeased.  In fact, in violation of my religion, I swore an oath.  I vowed that if Byrd came within arm’s length of me I would bitch-slap him til he wet himself.

And I waited to see what the Democratic Party would do about his speech.  Can you guess?  Don’t bother.  ‘Cause the Asses didn’t bother.  They’re too busy falsely accusing their opponents to deal with any Klansmen in their midst.

Is it okay to be against “mixed” marriages and unions?  Apparently so, if you’re a Democrat.  Of course, being Asses, you never realize you’re also arguing that creatures like this…

…should never have been born.  

You’re arguing that Barack Obama should never have been born.

Still with this very long post?  You deserve a treat.  I think this is another example of someone Spike Lee wishes didn’t exist:

V is darker than Thandie.  And I’m pretty darn white.  So if I’d married the girl of my dreams, Spike would hate us even more than most interracial couples.

Say, is Spike Lee a Democrat?  Take a guess.

What about that Black Panther who, along with hating mixed couples, also wants to “kill some cracker babies”?  Democrat?

Look, folks.  If you think I shouldn’t mingle with women like this…

…because I’m a geek, fine.  No hard feelings.  But you don’t get to scream “RACIST!”.  Not if you’d deny me a Dash of this…

 …because I’m white.  And suppose. against all odds, a Fox like this…

…actually fell for a geek like me?  Deny our true love because you don’t approve?  I’d rather fight you to the death over it.

So, “black community”, are you really going down this road?  Did V’s “community” contribute to her rejection of me?

If I ever believe that, then you’re on the list.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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