Smarter than every economist, combined.

The Worm has never taken a financial or business course.  Compare that to the advanced degrees and think-tank credentials of swarming Ivy League PhDs and their ilk.

These folks generate the monetary numbers to justify new mandatory social schemes, plus expansions of the old ones.

They often claim financial savings will occur from eliminating waste and fraud in the present programs.  Which, of course, never happens.

Don’t any of you see the stupidity and chutzpah here?! 

These “brilliant” economists never–never ever ever–budget for waste and fraud, which occurs…5, 10, 20% losses…in all federal programs. 

It’s not like these “geniuses” are unaware of it.  They take credit for those losses…when claiming their latest program will eliminate them and generate savings.  

How often does that waste get eliminated, folks?

I’ve never seen anyone notice this point.  You’re aware of government waste, but you never notice how it applies to  budgetary lies…twice.

Do you think the economists notice?  If they don’t, then truly I am smarter than all of them combined.  If they do…those individuals are practicing wickedness or are outright evil.

That’s why I must assume they’re all morons.  I’m required to be charitable (it’s a religion thing). 

But I’m also required to be as wise as a serpent.  With wisdom in mind, ask yourself if economists and accountants account for loss and theft (“shrinkage”) in the private sector.  Hmmm?  For some reason this negative factor is accounted for…everywhere but in government. 

So some of these government people must be wicked.  But be nice and assume they’re all imbeciles instead.

As you may know, I loathe to interact with Democrats.  They are impervious to reason, which is my sole weapon.  So, to all non-Democrat, non-tyrannical Americans: 

Demand an honest accounting!

Make our varied governments factor waste and fraud into every program proposal!  Never stop until they eliminate waste and fraud!

IE…never stop.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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