The Worm doesn’t listen to “ElRushbo” much…

…but did send this email to his show just now–

Dear Rush & Co.,

Just heard your report about pat Leahy’s claim that the Founding Fathers “couldn’t foresee every challenge”.

It’s true, and they knew it; why else arrange for Amendments?  But Pat Leahy sees no area of life that he and his Democrat allies should not control.  So obviously he feels they can do what mere Founding Fathers could not.  For if Democrats had one iota of the Founding Fathers’ wisdom and humility, they wouldn’t bind every American with “one size fits all” federal chains.

 The Founding Fathers didn’t anticipate Twitter, or thermonuclear weapons, or reality TV, or bacon-flavored mayonnaise.

 They did anticipate wolves in sheeps’ clothing.  They knew power-hungry people will always seek to change the rule of law into the rule of men.  Some always seek power over their peers, to trade “liberty for all” into privilege for themselves and servitude for others.   

The Founding Fathers gave us limited government, checks and balances, and civil servants, plus warnings and advice on how to preserve these things from the power-hungry.  But because we didn’t heed them on what they did foresee, wolves like Leahy and Kagan are free to howl about the “failings” of their mental and moral superiors.  

 Crying “no taxation without representation”, the Founders waged war against King George III and won freedom.  A quarter-millenium later, their creation has become an enemy of liberty.  The government’s shameless deficit spending burdens American children with massive debt.  When did the children get to vote on this responsibility?  It’s not taxation without representation, Rush…it’s taxation without representation, plus interest.  The Democratic Party has surpassed King George III in tyranny.

No, the Founding Fathers didn’t anticipate, microwave burritos, or Gay Pride parades. 

But they did anticipate Pat Leahy.

–full disclosure: the above isn’t an exact copy, my OCD flared up and I had to tweak things a bit.  But it’s close.  

So on the off-chance that Rush reads it on-air, you will know the Worm’s secret identity!  Which means, if you’re a Democrat, you’ll immediately begin digging up dirt, harassing me, trying to get me fired and, eventually, resorting to violence and rejoicing in my death.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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