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If the Republicans are now “The Party of No”…

…doesn’t that make Democrats “The Party of Won’t Take No For an Answer”? Well, two willing men and one unwilling woman voting on having sex is democratic.    The only reason I don’t state that “progressives” are political rapists is it makes them sound more butch than they … Continue reading

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I want a divorce.

Let’s say that American political groups have reached irreconcilable differences.  How about we just divide America in two?  Everyone freely chooses their new country.  All resources evenly divided on a per capita basis.     The dividing line is Maximal Government versus Maximal Liberty.  Well, Obama can call Maximal Government whatever he’d like.  And Maximal … Continue reading

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The first rule of Constitution 2.0…

Back to the idea of the new-and-improved Constitution: First concept–minimize vested interest in government.  Method of implementation–anyone working a federal job surrenders the right to vote in federal elections.  Naturally, individal states can decide whether to implement the concept locally (hint: they should!)  Also, as noted … Continue reading

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There was a time when being “liberal” meant loving liberty.

Years ago “liberals” cited John Stuart Mill much more often than today.  They love one specific saying: Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative. Burn!  Of course, in … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Mob Rule

Massachusetts is changing their electoral process so that their Electoral College votes go to the winner of the national popular vote if it differs from the Mass. Commonwealth’s.  James Taranto, of the Wall Street Journal’s Best Of The Web column, notes some political problems that … Continue reading

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“Overnight” post for any new visitors.

I work a crazy rotating schedule of 12-hour shifts. And I’m getting off work soon (the night was slow, thus my postings). So if you come in and leave a comment, and I have to approve it, it’ll sit in … Continue reading

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I’m ronery.

Have had about a hundred people stop by, thanks to Ed Driscoll and his readers.  Hi!  Search engines aren’t enabled for this site, so consider yourselves to be like Spinal Tap’s audience…very select.  You’ve pretty much equalled my total readership to this date.   … Continue reading

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The other reason why Shaker communism worked.

This post notes that there is one historical example of a successful Marxist economy.  It required that everyone give up sex. Don’t expect to see another successful one in this lifetime.   There’s another thing …Shakers practiced what they preached.  Even the “movers” of the Shakers.   … Continue reading

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Trust him, he wasn’t using TurboTax at the time.

Geithner says that letting tax cuts expire won’t hurt the economy. Great!  ‘Cause we all know how trustworthy he is with numbers. (Thanks to Jake Tapper, member of that nigh-extinct species know as “reporters”.)

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Marxism works! It’s a one-and-only case so far, though.

Just saw a comment at Pajamas Media right here, where someone stated that there’s no real-world example of Marxism working.  Technically that’s true.  But only because the culture predated Krazy Karl Marx.  The Shaking Quakers, “Shakers”, were dyed-in-the-wool communists.  Industrious, inventive, prosperous…communists.  Sounds nuts, … Continue reading

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