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The Worm can admit when he’s wrong…

…can you?  Upon reflection, my definition of the Democratic and leftist “god” isn’t quite right.  If one’s “god” is that to which all else is subjugated, then their actual god is social dominance.  They’re willing to allow you “freedom” as long as you freely choose to do exactly as they want.

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Kneel before Gov!

George Will is wrong less often than most pundits.  But The Worm hasn’t had much use for him since he admitted to (willful!) irrationality in one of his books (irrationality: drug legalization is inconceivable; excuse: I’m a Daddy!). Still, his … Continue reading

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A tell-tale sign of religious intolerance.

The divine Ms. AA highlights a “progressive” woman’s lament.   Please note: if your relationship with your parent is festering… …because he watches Fox News, then yes…you are indeed a religious fanatic.  Government is your god.  Politics is your religion.  And when you statists finally garner the power of … Continue reading

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Pants On Fire Party

Returning to this post:  j’accuse!  A man pledges to do something completely under his power and immediately does the opposite.  If you have some theory as to how that isn’t blatant lying, please…don’t share.  There’s no rational argument that Barack’s not a liar…but it’s socially … Continue reading

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Blogs sag like fences when the posts are too far apart

Computer’s been in the shop the last few days, that’s why no posts. Not that it matters…this site’s far too exclusive for readers.

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Barack Obama is a habitual, unrepentant liar…

…but you’ll have to take my word for it.  This post only proves he’s an unrepentant liar.    Behold the power of reason, freed of social fetters! 1) During the presidential primaries, Barack Obama pledged to use the public financing option. 2)  B.O. did the … Continue reading

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You guys have to actually DEAL with the Democrats…

…I don’t like to touch that stuff. (h/t: scifiwire) See, I’m both rational and honest  (thus my desperate loneliness).  Whereas Democrats are at minimum irrational or dishonest.  Every single one.  And by placing social dominance above truth and reason, they can have no meaningful interaction with me.  … Continue reading

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First meta-post: never attribute to malice…

…what can be put down to n00bishness.     (h/t: techie-buzz) Right now this blog is skill-free; wordpress n00b, html n00b, blogetiquette n00b, etc.  Search engines are blocked; trying to furnish this place prior to having guests.  Plus I’m OCDish about writing, so early posts are getting edited until they scream for mercy.  I believe … Continue reading

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This guy also literally makes my head explode.

  But in a less painful way than Sean Hannity.

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This guy literally makes my head explode.

I’ve tried listening to him, but my ears literally start to bleed.  See, there’s this word he misuses.  Ubiquitously.  Rumor has it he got it right once, by accident, but that would have literally destroyed the universe. I did give him a final chance, thinking, “Hey, we both lived … Continue reading

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