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How about another self-answering question?

“If productive Americans under the age of eighteen are both required to pay taxes and required not to vote…is that taxation without representation?” Let’s face it.   If the Colonists were justified in rebelling against King George III, then these two would have been justified:  (h/t: ABCfamily) … Continue reading

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United We Stand…as if!

When it comes to single factors, does one stand out as being especially poisonous to the body politic?  Yes.  And Worm knows, it’s a monster: The gerrymander.  Does anyone else see it as a social and emotional Rubicon?  “United We Stand…Us Here, You Over There”. Show me a Gerrymander, I’ll show you … Continue reading

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I have a good excuse…

…for the lack of recent posts.  My home computer refused to hook itself back up!  Obviously I couldn’t do it, engrossed in the entirety of this and then this.  And initial analysis was confirmed!   Peers she may have, but there’s never been a lovelier pair of legs … Continue reading

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The Worm can admit when he’s wrong…

…can you?  Upon reflection, my definition of the Democratic and leftist “god” isn’t quite right.  If one’s “god” is that to which all else is subjugated, then their actual god is social dominance.  They’re willing to allow you “freedom” as long as you freely choose to do exactly as they want.

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Kneel before Gov!

George Will is wrong less often than most pundits.  But The Worm hasn’t had much use for him since he admitted to (willful!) irrationality in one of his books (irrationality: drug legalization is inconceivable; excuse: I’m a Daddy!). Still, his … Continue reading

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A tell-tale sign of religious intolerance.

The divine Ms. AA highlights a “progressive” woman’s lament.   Please note: if your relationship with your parent is festering… …because he watches Fox News, then yes…you are indeed a religious fanatic.  Government is your god.  Politics is your religion.  And when you statists finally garner the power of … Continue reading

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Pants On Fire Party

Returning to this post:  j’accuse!  A man pledges to do something completely under his power and immediately does the opposite.  If you have some theory as to how that isn’t blatant lying, please…don’t share.  There’s no rational argument that Barack’s not a liar…but it’s socially … Continue reading

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