Eric Cantor, heed my wormy wisdom!

Hmm, just saw this YouCut thing.  Nice try, I guess.  But Rep. Cantor, those ideas are puny even compared to this minor gem.  At least my idea cuts costs and generates revenue. 

You’re tossing a line when you should dynamite the lake.  Try this: “EVERYTHING not ESSENTIAL will be cut.”  

Think of a sprawling, selfish, dysfunctional family…rapidly going bankrupt.  Not hard, eh?  It needs essentials like food and shelter, but everyone also has pet projects and favorite toys.  It’s hard to surrender stuff when your siblings get to keep theirs, smirking. 

 (h/t Dallas subdivision of Wikipedia)

Being the only sane member of the family, I say:  everything that can go, must go.   Anything not Constitutionally required is cut.  Every single activity of the Fed examined thusly: is this necessary…to honor only…the specific requirements within the Constitution? 

You with me, Rep. Cantor?  If you think our “family crisis” is an existential one…say it and ACT LIKE IT.  Stop looking for things to cut and start deciding what’s to be saved. 

Much of our Federal Leviathan was generated under the rubric of Constitutional permissibility.  Given current debts, budgets, and my views on child slavery, I demand you cut all that is not Constitutionally required.  

And when Democrats claim a particular budget cut would be treason, let ’em explain why.  Funny! 

Of course, this won’t happen because you’re a social animal.  They’ll let you trim a bit “here” while they add even more “there”…but how the pretty people will hate you if you cut the Fed in half and auction off the Smithsonian!

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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