Make me an offer on the Hope Diamond.

 Human beings, along with other non-government entities, often spend more money than they have.  But they can’t get away with it, year after ad nauseum year.  The reason:  lack of military power.

What’s that?  Can’t liquify your creditors?  Then liquify your assets.  It’s a moral imperative of debt.  Unfortunately governments (and of course the Ass Party) are post-moral entities.  Standards are what governments and public “servants” hold against us, not with us.

Still, money is tight.  So here’s a question for Democrats, leftists, and statist Republicans:  why not sell off non-essential assets to close budget deficits?

(Correct answer:  you’re social animals ruthlessly seeking dominance.  Government is your weapon, so you won’t let any resource, power, or privilege slip away.  Crap answer you’ll give:  “we’re safeguarding art and culture”…as if purchasers would use Smithsonian treasures to light bonfires.  And even if they did, blame’s on you for not keeping budgets balanced, pathetic statist beyotches. )

The Smithsonian can currently display less than 5% of its holdings.  So sell off nine-tenths.  Fine, hang on to a few pieces, vote on it, we’ll have a special Smithsonian episode of Survivor or something.  But definitely we sell the Hope Diamond, just to see what happens to the buyer. 

But of course Constitutionally-mandated items must be retained:

So there’s no reason not to begin the annual Federal Yard Sale.  Aww, our rulers will whine about losing those nice things?  Hey, if you don’t pay your bills you don’t deserve Grandma’s silverware and that bitchin’ comic book collection.

And don’t forget real estate!  Uncle Sam has a million square miles of land he doesn’t have to own!

I even volunteer my Momma to negotiate on behalf of the dot-govs.  She broke many a vender and purchaser during her yard sale ninja days.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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