The reason for this blog.

I hate the Democratic Party. 

The Republican Party is detestable.  Its leaders should really be Democrats, enemies of liberty that they are.  Capital-L Libertarians can be annoying and ridiculously childish about defense.  Going beyond politics (though ever more difficult thanks to the Ass) is a universe of irritants.

(h/t: cheezecats)

But my hatred is lavished on the Democratic Party.  Hating people, even myself, is forbidden me.  It’s a religion thing.  But hating abstractions isn’t.  {{Citation needed}}

Um…anyway, I really, really hate the Democratic Party.  Language is inadequate for this.  Everything else abhorrent and despicable, combined, is but a pimple on that putrid stinking Ass. 

If I could anthropomorphize the Democratic Party…I’d slit its miserable throat and dump its loathsome corpse in a nameless bog, to be forgotten by man, woman, and God alike. 

And forget it I will…when its house of lies is a smoldering ruin…

…its evil gardens are scorched and salted deserts…

…when not a whiff of Ass remains…

                                                         (PHOTO REDACTED)

…to taint human heart and mind and nostril.  After all, we shouldn’t nurse grudges.  Life’s too short. (h/t: flixter and high-sodium wiki )

But post-Democratic Party history isn’t here, so–

(S/FX: cracking knuckles)

–time to do my part.

If this all feels like some informal declaration of war against the Democratic Party, I apologize.  It isn’t.

This is a formal Declaration of War against the Democratic Party. 

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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