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Testing mutant Democrats like Mickey Kaus

Mickey Kaus, formerly a writer for… Slate …is a Democrat.  That alone should almost be a crime.  The qualifier is due solely to Democrats like Mickey.  They dwindle, as the great Ass becomes ever less tolerant of apostasy. Mickey’s been writing online, excellently, since the digital Stone Age.   … Continue reading

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About the oil leak…

…there are surprisingly few physical problems not solved by sufficient amounts of fissile material.   So I say we take off, nuke the underwater site from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure. (h/t: Ripley n’ Hicks, of course, at imdb)

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Proof positive that people aren’t locusts.

Via Instapundit comes somes buggy news: Can we agree that mobs, swarms, heck, even committees of humans do not show increased mental capacity?

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Eric Cantor, heed my wormy wisdom!

Hmm, just saw this YouCut thing.  Nice try, I guess.  But Rep. Cantor, those ideas are puny even compared to this minor gem.  At least my idea cuts costs and generates revenue.  You’re tossing a line when you should dynamite the lake.  Try this: “EVERYTHING not ESSENTIAL will be cut.”   Think of a … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan thinks a billion times slower than the Worm…

…but hey, at least she can still think.  Here’s what I first knew about Obama: 1) he claimed fierce opposition to government waste, fraud, corruption, and secrecy, and 2) he was a Chicago-area Democrat. Those two facts were enough for a preliminary analysis: Your initial analysis?  Wait, you don’t do that.  Social critters have first impressions.  How’s that workin’ … Continue reading

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Greatest Generation vs. Greediest Generation

World War II federal debt was truly massive; its percentage of Gross Domestic Product was greater than today’s.  But immediately after the war the economy began booming.     That ain’t happening this time.  The main difference?  Self-sacrifice.  WWII debt was to preserve liberty for others; today’s … Continue reading

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Taxation without representation is slavery.

Our governments also enslave children by running up yearly deficits and ever-growing debt.  This is debt by design, and not for an existential crisis like World War II.  Unlike you social animals, I don’t mince words vainly hoping that people will like me.   If you’re chaining today’s infants with tomorrow’s debts… …you’re doing this.  (h/t: … Continue reading

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How about another self-answering question?

“If productive Americans under the age of eighteen are both required to pay taxes and required not to vote…is that taxation without representation?” Let’s face it.   If the Colonists were justified in rebelling against King George III, then these two would have been justified:  (h/t: ABCfamily) … Continue reading

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United We Stand…as if!

When it comes to single factors, does one stand out as being especially poisonous to the body politic?  Yes.  And Worm knows, it’s a monster: The gerrymander.  Does anyone else see it as a social and emotional Rubicon?  “United We Stand…Us Here, You Over There”. Show me a Gerrymander, I’ll show you … Continue reading

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I have a good excuse…

…for the lack of recent posts.  My home computer refused to hook itself back up!  Obviously I couldn’t do it, engrossed in the entirety of this and then this.  And initial analysis was confirmed!   Peers she may have, but there’s never been a lovelier pair of legs … Continue reading

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