North Korea!

Beware. He’s everywhere.


It kind of had to be done. I guess North Korea is now going to threaten Mr W, sorry about that.

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Sorry for the holiday non-cheer.

Obviously, still apathetic and depressed.  Given that…Happy Holidays!

Also, saw something so true I had to share.  Thanks for IMAO for the assist.


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All is proceeding as planned.

My master plan is almost complete.  Soon, my minions.  Soon my transmogrification will come!

And on that day there will be many other changes…

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I dare call it.

Last night the President of the United States took the law into his own hands.  Previously he has said that the President has no authority to supersede Congress.  This is true.  He then proceeded to supersede Congress.

Thus Barack Obama has, beyond any doubt, betrayed his oath of office to faithfully uphold the law.  We even have a technical term for that:  traitor.

He has not betrayed America “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  He is a traitor beyond any and all doubt.  His act of treason is proved by his own words.  And the harm from his treachery will exceed any other betrayal of the U.S.  So if anyone has ever deserved to be executed for treason–and they have–Barack Hussein Obama does as well.

He will not, of course, be charged, convicted, and executed for his Capital crime.  His worshippers and allies celebrate his treason.  And his political foes?  They mutter and growl.   The boldest of them are even bringing out the I-word.  Impeach him?  Gasp!  Do we dare go so far?

There are three hundred million Americans and only one of us seems to have the proper perspective.  So, once again:

The President of the United States has…by his own admission…betrayed his oath of office and seized imperial power.

There’s your perspective.

Oh wait, there is something else to add:  he’s also laughing at all of us and daring you to do something about it.  Isn’t that great?  America’s first Caesar is Gloatius Maximus.

In the constitutional republic that used to be the United States of America, there could only have been one response to a would-be Imperator:  immediate arrest for treason, an immediate trial proving treason, and then immediate execution.

For treason.

So am I publicly calling for his death?  Don’t be ridiculous.  I’m just saying that if our only two choices were to let Barack get away with this or execute him for treason, I’d throw the switch myself.

And please don’t pretend that I’m a threat to the President’s life and should be reported to the Secret Service.  Barack is in absolutely no danger from me.  I’m not taking the law into my own hands (though I’ve never sworn an oath to uphold it).  Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, I believe in the rule of law.  And of course I’m also not a traitor.

Unlike Barack Hussein Obama.

P.S.–I should also note that I am a Christian.  Thus, I would stay Barack’s execution long enough to let him ponder his ludicrous claim of Christianity.  While it is theoretically possible, I’ve never seen nor heard of anything indicating that he’s ever tried to emulate Christ.

In fact, his self-admitted treason?  Gleefully doing something he knows is wrong?  There’s a familiar ring to it.

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

As an executioner, I would give Barack–or anyone else–one chance to avoid that fate.

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Feminists create a shirtstorm because they hate astronomy.

So.  We, meaning the human race, just landed a probe on a comet.  This is the first time evah, making it the biggest deal in space and rocketry in…heck, I dunno, decades.

You heard about it yet?

If you have, then you’ve probably already heard the latest hissy fit.  One of the lead scientists was wearing a shirt during the interviews.  Outrageous!  How dare he wear a shirt?!


Let’s be honest:  that thing is not what you would call classy.  And you can buy it here!  I’d kind of like to buy one, just to cheese off the wimps, but it would be wasted money.  I don’t wear clothes that my mother would shudder to see.  My parents don’t get honored mearly as much as they should, but that’s one small contribution.

Anyway, obviously this was a golden chance for attention-whoring feminists to take a transcendent accomplishment and make it all about them.

“I don’t care what scientists wear. But a shirt featuring women in lingerie isn’t appropriate for a broadcast if you care about women in science.”

Er…those shirt babes are wearing lingerie?  Holy crap that’s scary.  What’s their fetish wear, depleted uranium?  Or perhaps Dr. Katie Mack has the fashion sense of an astrophysicist.  But give her mad props anyway, for a pretty level-headed reaction.

Anyway, Dr. Matt Taylor swiftly apologized.  Tearfully, sniff.  Oh, Matt, you sweet little moron.  For an encore, why not cut your legs shaving and then wade out into the piranha-infested Amazon River?

Had all the objections been like Dr. Mack’s, “that shirt wasn’t appropriate to this situation, and an apology would be in order”…well, that would make the objectors civilized.  And some, like Dr. Mack, certainly are  But of course a million times more heat than light was generated by this mistake.

“No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt,”

And that’s still one of the temperate reactions.  Here’s a few more.  They’re still not nearly as bad as the GamerGate hatred, but then the gamers are fighting back.

But c’mon, whiners.  Your every action proclaims your belief that women are weaker than men.  When men point out that it’s unwise for women to dress provocatively when getting publicly drunk or going through bad neighborhoods, OUTRAGE!  “Damn your Patriarchy!  Women should be able to wear whatever they want, anywhere they want, without fear of consequence!”


Admittedly, in a Perfect World™, that would be true.  Every male would be a strong and moral man, and evil would not exist.  No doubt the progressive State will someday get us there.

And yet…these Social Justice Warriors, those who believe they can purge wickedness from the human heart, keep growing more and more…well, the only correct word is “pathetic”.  They blame a crass shirt for keeping women out of Science!



P.S.:  Since astronomy is the study of Heavenly Bodies, I think that shirt might have been appropriate after all.

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I realize time and again how tired I am of the pseudo-left and the pretend-right.

Can’t we just, I don’t know, ship them all to Siberia?

What even is the difference between today’s pseudo-left and pretend-right? There is very little difference. Both are overbearing buggers wanting to control our lives. It’s really just that their colors are different. Other than that, they’re the same poop from the same even bigger pile of poop.

The biggest issue are the rabid followers of either. They don’t think, they don’t educate themselves, they just repeat the party line like good robots. Left wing, right wing, it’s all the same muck.

It’s like… do you want your untreatable brain cancer in your brain on your left hemisphere or your right hemisphere?

To anyone with common sense and the ability to think reasonably it wouldn’t matter because either way you’re toast. But for the pretend-right and pseudo-left it’s the most important thing, because they believe there’s a difference.

It’s like the difference between getting shot in the head first and then having your head chopped off or having your head chopped off first and then getting shot into it.

Of course, this all comes hand in hand with career politicians and lack of term limits.

Great, recent example: Our dear mayor has been in power for 20 years.Woohoo!

He’s not really good at it, as our city’s almost 5 BILLION Euro debt shows, but for some reason he has managed to weather all opponents because, apparently, 1) they sucked even more than him and, primarily, 2) people vote for parties because they’ve always voted for them and because their dad and grandpa did it too, not because they think for themselves and inform or educate themselves over issues, ideas, solutions and programs.

So our mayor gave an interview and on most of the pressing and burning issues that worry our people he had no ideas, no replies and no concept. He didn’t even know these issues existed. But guess who will likely get re-elected? Yep. Him.

Left wing, right wing, the difference is trivial when you have the people vs a political aristocracy.

I remember reading that, when the very young US government had to consider a head of state (the decision of what to call the head of state took some time, too), they approached George Washington. Washington’s first reaction was “By god, haven’t I served enough?”

He didn’t want it. He didn’t want to be president. Imagine that. But Washington, being a man who valued service very highly, eventually gave in and became the first president of the US. It should be noted that this was in the days when term limits did not exist and yet, after two terms, Washington stepped away from the office. He wasn’t voted out of office, he simply stepped back. Quite remarkable.

Today our countries are plagued by career politicians who fight in front of the cameras and hug each other behind closed doors while laughing at us. It is a de facto political aristocracy. I wonder how long until it will be one de jure.

So yes, the constant bickering between the “grassroots” (aka the rabid fanboys) has gotten to my nerves. I’m sick and tired of it. It serves no purpose. It is fought between groups that offer very few ideological differences. It’s just another distraction from real issues. And the media happily pushes it because it works well into the overall plan of divide et impera. Divide and rule.

Heck, at this rate I might ship myself to Siberia first. Live among the wolves and reindeer and away from this nonsense.

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Yet more evidence of why I’ve given up.

These people aren’t covered in tar and feathers.

 We could be czars.

Buzzfeed calls such comments “shocking”.  Oh, please.  Look at what you’re doing, Buzzfeed.  These people are declaring themselves to be your owners.  So how do you respond?

You bleat.


If puny humans were still capable of shocking me, the amazement would be in your behavior, Buzzfeed.  I found your article via Instapundit.  You have video proof of laughing government officials asserting ownership of us, the people.  I then clicked from that damning report onto your home page.


Where, no doubt, this government declaration of war against the American people is featured.  How could it not be featured?  Only if even more damning, documented tyranny is available do you not make this the centerpiece of your site.  Do you agree it’s the things you draw attention to that are the things you find important?

So let’s see what Buzzfeed finds important!

Aaaaaand, apparently that’s…Taylor Swift?


But wait, that’s actually brilliant!  Interview Taylor and other celebrities about our slavers, get the word spread FAST!  Ask her-

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

Say what?  Unless you already know her wallpaper is the Gadsden Flag and she’s writing a “Don’t Tread On Me” song, this is an utter waste of–

 What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?

Oh dear God.  but I guess that question ties in to Buzzfeed’s second most important story, right below the featured Taylor Swift interview:  15 Taylor Swift Emojis You Never Knew You Needed.

Plus Beyonce, Rhinnana, Kardashians, etc. etc.  I can’t even find the article about our ongoing enslavement.

And that’s why I’ve given up.  Because John Brunner was a freakin’ optimist.


No, they don’t.

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