Just give the universities more rope. Oh, and hi guys.

College administrators know best about sexual assault.  

The requirements include conducting investigations and holding a hearing even if the criminal justice system concludes the accusation of sexual misconduct is meritless; using the lowest evidentiary standard to determine guilt — preponderance of the evidence, which means more than 50 percent; shielding the accuser from answering questions from the accused; and, in the event of acquittal, also providing the accuser an appeal.

Let’s edit that mouthful, shall we?

Guilty until proven innocent.  Then repeat until proven guilty.

This article points out aspects of this approach that are troublesome to anyone who believes in Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  What it doesn’t do is tell you how to destroy those who advocate this atrocity:

You:  “You can’t stop there!  You obviously know better than cops, district attorneys, judges, and juries of peers, so…you’ve got to challenge all wrongs, not just sexual assault!”

Them: “Er…what exactly do you m-“

You:  “Murder!  Kidnapping!  Torture!   Mopery!  You universities must each become independent justice systems!”  

And so forth.



Uhm…hi, guys.  God willing, I won’t be disappearing again, at least without warning.  I can’t spend much more time here right now, though.  I’m currently working in Ohio but getting laid off in two weeks.  So this weekend I’m having to fill out info packets for a temporary nuke job that starts in three weeks.  And it’s where my nuclear odyssey began, 30 years ago:  an American Atomic Ouroboros.

As for since last October…

I’m the type of animal that crawls off alone when suffering.  Sick, injured, depressed, these are conditions in which some creatures seek solitude.  No doubt you know some of this sort personally. 

I’m not saying that I’ve been continually down over the entire eleven months.  I mostly just got out of the habit.  The day after Thanksgiving I had My Very First Kidney Stone and a trip to the E.R. (without health insurance, of course).  I almost blogged once in March, when my annual WordPress account lapsed and I had to renew.  That was exactly when this Ohio job had started, though, and I managed to use that as an excuse.

I know this is very exasperating to you human beings.  What can I say?  If I was a vertebrate then this wouldn’t be a wormy blog.   

So why now?  I’ve withdrawn from everything so much that even I’ve gotten tired of it.  So four days ago I decided to try the Costanza Gambit. That was Opposite Day.  It gave me enough strength to go immediately into Reverse Day.  Which then led to Backwards Day.  Today I’m doing Opposite Day again…and here I am.

(Obviously Bizarro Day is reserved for true emergencies.)

I have no idea about coming posts.  I know if I can’t be joyous, or funny, or even merely thoughtful, then please God don’t let me blog.

What am I saying?!  If any of you comment to this, I should reply to whatever you say.  So mote it be.

God bless you all.

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Michael Ramirez is the man.

Don’t know if we’ve featured him here before, but you’ve all seen his work, I’m sure.


Thanks to investors.com, where I saw this.

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Obamacare screenshot.

A reader sent in an interesting snapshot of the workings of the obamacare website.  Of course, they would probably say the problem is that he didn’t put in any personal information, just “texas” for the state.


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The end is nigh.

A woman will finally be the chair of the Federal Reserve.

“Markets are giving Yellen the thumbs up, counting on quantitative easing being maintained at full pace until further notice,”

Am I sexist?  Don’t think so.  I’d trade both Yellen and Obama for Margaret Thatcher anytime, anywhere.  Of course I’d also trade those malevolent two scrubs away along with every single Democrat, two-thirds of the Repubs, and every single political “activist” who will ever exist.  What would I ask in return?   Nothing.



“Let’s keep devaluing money because what’s the worst that could happen?”

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What about a ninja SEAL?

How about that, Mr. “Head of US Joint Special Ops”?

And now you know what kind of news it takes to get me blogging these days.

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Requiescat in pace.

Tom Clancy, 1947-2013

I haven’t read Clancy in years, and never felt the hunger to find and consume all of his work, a la Zelasny and Vance.  I merely read Red Storm and the Jack Ryan novels.

Clancy wasn’t a great writer, because he wasn’t a great wordsmith.  He was “only” a very good one.  But man, could he tell a story.  He was a great, great, great storyteller.  How great?  Every single Hollywood adaptation of his novels has been worth seeing…yes, even the Ben Affleck one.  This puts Clancy’s storytelling instincts beyond Hitchcock, Spielberg, and even Uncle Walt.  There is Clancy and there is Pixar.  That is all.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Clancy.

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My Muse sucks.

There once was a limerick writer,

A Bad-A$$ poetical fighter,

Who, forsaking tradition,

Risked classic perdition,

And scornful poets brighter,

By making a sixth-line addition!


Hurts, don’t it?

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