A Head of my Time.

Or is that “ahead of my time”?  Hah!  We all know it’s both.



Obviously.  And, as I mentioned in those comments way back then, you already possess a voter registration card.  It’s called the “Form 1040″.

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Window of blogging time is very narrow right now.

So, my current job ends in two days.  I have to get everything shut off here in Ohio, drive back to Tennessee, unload stuff and catch up on things at the house, then drive Sunday to Alabama to start the new, brief job.

So, won’t be blogging much in the next few days, but also don’t plan to disappear.  Edo just posted a thought-provoking piece on the site’s behalf.  If any other readers would like to post, let me know in comments.

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Germany. Always Germany.


The article is in German, obviously, but let me explain what it is all about.

For better explanation, let’s go back to 2012.

In 2012 the German parliament, the Bundestag, decided that circumcision of male children under religious grounds shall be legal. That was, in my opinion, a step away from what an enlightened society should be. There is no logic reason for circumcision except development of a true phimosis, which can require surgery for everything to work as intended.

Cynical voices then wondered openly how long until female circumcision based on religious grounds (also known as female genital mutilation) would be legal in Germany.

It is now 2014 and Tatjana Hörnle, professor of law at Berlin’s Humboldt university, has made that step.

She demands that female “circumcision” must be legalized in Germany in the name of “female equality” and “women’s equal rights”, because boys are getting cut, so it’s only fair to cut girls as well!

Her demand has been met with contempt by doctors Scherer (physician at the Desert Flower Center, who works a lot on women who have been mutilated like this) and Hartmann (of the German union of pediatric doctors.)

Hartmann calls it cynical to use an argumentation that justifies physical violence against girls with physical violence against boys. Scherer warns that legalizing the removal of the clitoral hood under religious grounds will open the door for full FGM, the real War on Women.

Katharina Kunze from Terre the Femmes takes it a step further and calls it what it is: a manifestation of an anti-women society.

Professor Hörnle is already infamous in Germany for stating that the German ban of incest is not plausible.

Consider it for a second. It’s 2014, and there is a white, female professor, a woman (using the term loosely, really) in a free, democratic country that considers itself advanced and open and supports equality of the sexes, demanding that girls getting cut for no logic reason should be legal because boys are already getting cut for the same lack of logic reasons. She is willing to open the door for full scale female genital mutilation, an utterly barbaric practice that has no room in the 21st century under any circumstances, in the name of “women’s rights”.

This is the real War on Women.

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Another “React” video, with a very sad coda.

Wasn’t planning to share this “Elders React” video, until I saw the end of it.

“Elders React to Fifty Shades of Gray” is the latest Fine Bros. video, put up only a few hours ago:

I haven’t seen as many of these as the others, though they are charming, witty, and an excellent commentary on 21st Century “civilization”.  But at the end, we’re told that one of those Elders, Pamela, died this very week.

She loved the show and all of you who watch it.

And so a post.  Tempus Fugit, my friends.  Time flies.   Valar Morghulis.  All men must die.  May we all go out as did she…doing what we love.

Requiescat in pace, Pamela.

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Rinsing the taste of modern society out of your mouth.

I follow current events less and less these days.  It’s too horrible.  One of the reasons I quit blogging was because it seemed, increasingly, an exercise in futility.

Since I have no trenchant analysis nowadays, here’s some examples of the kind of stuff I’ve been viewing.  It’s basically the opposite of today’s news and politics, mostly on YouTube.

I’ve watched a lot of Fine Bros, primarily their “React” videos.  They do “kids react”, “teens react”, “YouTubers react”, and “elders react”.  Each section is great.  For example, here are today’s kids reacting to rotary phones:

And here’s one of the best “teens react” vids, to Honest Trailers:

I’ve watched the heck out of Honest Trailers, which are a blast.

This only scratches the surface of the past year, of course.  Maybe I’ll list a lot of the other stuff later, it takes a lot of time to link to everything.

So I’ve been consuming media that makes me feel better, rather than worse.  It’s not good for blogging, but it has maybe been good for me.

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Since Mr. W. has returned to us I think this calls for a party.

Bear style, which is, if we’re really honest, the only true style anyway.

Be thankful I didn’t use the 60 minute version. It would be too much for you hairless gits!


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Guess who?

GUILTY: A DNA sample has proven Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper.

Wow.  I’ve followed that question for about 40 years.

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