Yet more evidence of why I’ve given up.

These people aren’t covered in tar and feathers.

 We could be czars.

Buzzfeed calls such comments “shocking”.  Oh, please.  Look at what you’re doing, Buzzfeed.  These people are declaring themselves to be your owners.  So how do you respond?

You bleat.


If puny humans were still capable of shocking me, the amazement would be in your behavior, Buzzfeed.  I found your article via Instapundit.  You have video proof of laughing government officials asserting ownership of us, the people.  I then clicked from that damning report onto your home page.


Where, no doubt, this government declaration of war against the American people is featured.  How could it not be featured?  Only if even more damning, documented tyranny is available do you not make this the centerpiece of your site.  Do you agree it’s the things you draw attention to that are the things you find important?

So let’s see what Buzzfeed finds important!

Aaaaaand, apparently that’s…Taylor Swift?


But wait, that’s actually brilliant!  Interview Taylor and other celebrities about our slavers, get the word spread FAST!  Ask her-

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

Say what?  Unless you already know her wallpaper is the Gadsden Flag and she’s writing a “Don’t Tread On Me” song, this is an utter waste of–

 What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?

Oh dear God.  but I guess that question ties in to Buzzfeed’s second most important story, right below the featured Taylor Swift interview:  15 Taylor Swift Emojis You Never Knew You Needed.

Plus Beyonce, Rhinnana, Kardashians, etc. etc.  I can’t even find the article about our ongoing enslavement.

And that’s why I’ve given up.  Because John Brunner was a freakin’ optimist.


No, they don’t.

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“It’s time Obama waged war for real.”

Thus sayeth the New Republic.

But that’s great, right?  Jihadists are chopping the heads off of innocent Westerners.  So darn right the President should take the battle to the…oh, wait…they don’t mean Islamicysts, do they?

The past six years have given Obama no reason to believe Republicans are good faith bargaining partners.

Snort.  Brian Buetler…you don’t mind if I call you Buttleer, do you?  Butt-leer, you’re a pathetic little moron brat.  War?  WAR?!  You don’t even know don’t know what a knock-down drag-out fight is.

You and War Chief Obama are lucky that establishment Republicans don’t know how to fight either.  They’ll listen to the media calling for the GOP to “compromise”, as they obviously should since their non-media voters absolutely DON’T want them to compromise.  Screw the voters, they should have gotten their own talk shows if they wanted to matter.

It’s the GOP that should wage “war”.  They should do unto the Democrats as the donkeys did to every other American with Obamacare.

No surrender, no compromise, no standing ground, torpedo the dams full speed ahead CHARGE!

Well, in a better world.  In my dreams.


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Polish “intelligence”: Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain.

Polack Jokes fell out of style, at least in the Bible Belt, about the time I hit puberty.  That’s also about when global cooling paused for a quarter century.  Back then mindless Chicken Littles’ screamed, “Winter is coming!” not, “Polar bears are melting, mellllllting! ”

Anyway,  where was I?  Oh yeah.  Polack Jokes.  “Polacks are stupid, heh heh.”  These were of course told by people who were themselves dumber than a Styrofoam gas tank.

Never liked Polack Jokes myself.  Nor these, for that matter.  But I’ll not pass final judgment on this style of humor until we finally reach the Stupid Dead Progressive phase.

Heh heh.  Those jokes practically write themselves!

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Polacks are dumb.  Why on Earth are they so worried about Putin and the Ruskies?  Even if Putin did try something–and why would he, that big ol’ Siberian teddy bear?–Europe has Poland’s back.  Dumb Polacks.

 …the joint Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 brought none of the Allied help that Poland was obligated to receive under treaty. Although both Britain and France were supposed to come to Poland’s direct military aid, they were content to declare war on Germany and essentially do nothing, letting Hitler and Stalin dismember Poland completely … and every Pole today knows it.

Er…but hey, things are different now!  There’s no need to fear, America is here!

Obama in 2009 cancelled a US/NATO missile defense system in the country, a move termed a “betrayal” by Poland’s president. Making the announcement on September 17, the seventieth anniversary of Stalin’s invasion, added insult to injury.

Oh dear lord seriously?!  Did Obama think Poland wouldn’t notice him grinding salt in that wound?  His administration has proven to be so clueless, many times, but…no.  Not this time.  Of course it was intended as an insult.  IDF Special Forces veterans are “chickenshit”, Winnie is unworthy of respect…and stupid Polacks expect courtesy, much less support.

Smart diplomacy, everyone!

Barack Hussein Obama, you are the world’s biggest shickenchit. 

(Shickenchit is my coined phrase, all rights reserved.)

Ostriches are known for hiding their heads in the sand.  Shickenchits hide by sticking their heads up their own asses.  Or, in the case of sycophants, up Obama’s ass.  And considering his millions of brown-nosers, there’s gotta be a space-time singularity all up in there.

(Gee, I can’t remember the popular name for a space-time singularity.  Ah well.  Probably for the best.)

Anyway, back to “Polish intelligence”.

When I asked if he thought America would come to Poland’s aid in a crisis, he said laconically, “I’d flip a coin.”

In a similar vein, a senior Polish intelligence official, another veteran of long collaboration with Washington, DC, expressed his skepticism to me.

“Is it 1939 again? I don’t know,” he explained, “but I think Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain,”

Neville Chamberlain sold out Poland, just as Obama is doing.  On the other hand, he did it without adding insult to injury.  He also was capable of admitting error:

Everything that I have worked for, everything that I have hoped for, everything that I have believed in during my public life has crashed into ruins. There is only one thing left for me to do: that is devote what strength and power I have to forwarding the victory of the cause for which we have sacrificed so much.

Neville also spent 17 successful years in the private sector, paying taxes.  And he resigned his premiership for the good of his nation.  There is a gargantuan ocean of difference between the man that Chamberlain was, and the thumb-sucking spoiled whiny shickenchit bitch that is Barack Obama.

And notice that “Polish intelligence” only thinks that Obama isn’t a Chamberlain. He isn’t even sure.  Being a stupid Polack.

Stupid polite, diplomatic, courageous Polacks.  They’re the ones who are really not Obamas.

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For the 2014 elections, here’s my Dad’s favorite comic strip ever.

Sure, wormme posting volume isn’t much more than during my hibernation, but this is the Century of Diminished Expectations.

Tomorrow is America’s midterm elections, where the Stupid Party (that would be the GOP) will regain a majority in the Senate unless the Evil Party cheats as it has never cheated before.  Which would be quite an accomplishment.

I can’t pretend that it  matters one way or the other.  The GOP establishment continues to oppose and even demonize Tea Partyers.  So, it will remain the Government versus Freedom Lovers no matter the outcome.

Now for a Bloom County classic:


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Awesome women are awesome. Feminists are…something else.

(NOTE–I don’t know why the vids currently aren’t loading.  I’m doing the same thing I always have.  Working on it.)

A simply great #GamerGate video:


Though I really wish smart, moral women like Ms. Sommers would quit calling themselves “feminists”.  21st Century Feminism is so horrifically anti-human that we should be able to dismiss it outright without having to waste time noting that abberant* pearls bob in the raw sewage.

Also, via aceofspades, a more typical Feminist’s dream.  Obviously I’m not going to fisk it, as that would require a textbook-length response.  But do let me exercise some male tyranny on the poor soul:

Before we do anything, the very first measure to adopt-

Sweetie, since adopting a measure is actually something, you can’t do it before doing anything.  You should have said “before we do anything else“, to avoid self-contradiction.

Bless your little heart.

Also, don’t forget that “the very first measure we should adopt” is actually the third one that your vision requires.

Step One: adopt a plan to overthrow all men in the Gender War.

Step Two: win the war.

That’s…kind of a necessity, actually.  I’m pretty sure that the lack of a Y-chromosome doesn’t make one better at waging war.  So you’ll need to do a lot better than us mentally-challenged males at planning your holy war.  How’s that going?

If we managed to overcome men’s tyranny over us,


Y’know, I think some Dead White Tyrannical Males have already addressed this problem.  It’s known as “Who Will Bell the Cat?

The Feminist war council.

The Feminist war council.

Good luck with that.  Because I really do want to see you gals try.  It will be glorious!


(Video also found via aceofspades.  The morons are on a roll!)

*”Abberant” is how the aberrant spell aberrant.  
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So, about 30 months ago I kickstarted a game for $28…

…and it’s not enough for me to get a copy of the game when it comes out.


I’m not mad, understand. Not even disappointed, really, more confused.  But I have to pay $2 more to even receive Torment: Tides of Numenera. Which, again, I was one of 85,000 to crowdsource.

Wierd. (“Wierd” is how the weird spell weird.)

Is this indignity really necessary to the game’s success? Two times eighty-five thousand is…hang on, I’ll get it…

Eighty-five thousand plus eighty-five thousand! (“Anything multiplied, I can add better, I can add better much better than you!”)

But seriously, this was as stupid as 21st Century politics.  Had they not done this, I would have gladly shelled out the requested $27 more dollars to get some bonuses including beta tester.  I’ve never been a beta tester before.  Well, except for my own recipes of course.

Sigh. People.  Can’t kill them, can’t…hey, wait!  You can totally kill them!  THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

OTOH, I regret nothing. Planescape: Torment remains one of the greatest PC games ever.  And it’s ancient.  In another year it will be old enough to get its own driver’s license.  So of course I wanted to be a part of a sequel…back when I had a job and money.

But I was a ground-floor financial backer and it wasn’t even enough to get one single copy of the dadgum game.  Not that I’m mad!  Just look at me:


I’m a genuine patron of the arts, yet I feel like a nobody.  Maybe I should write a parody song set, set to Randy Travis’s “Shameless”.

“I’m Nameless, Nameless as a man can be…”

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There are four kinds of lies…

…lies, damned lies, statistics…and Democrat voting.

When the margin of an election is 1% or less, how often would you expect either candidate to win?  Those sorts of contests are often called “tossups”, because they’re as close and unpredictable as the toss of a coin.  With enough tosses it will break close to even.  Every.  Single.  Time.


Except that Democrats win 3 out of 4 times.

This little tidbit should be brought up by non-Democrats any time they must interact with The Enemy.  There is no occasion when it is not pertinent.

There is no argument it does not overwhelm.

And there is no registered Democrat that should not be tarred, feathered, and run out of the country on a rail.  (This observation should not, of course, be taken to mean that most  Republicans don’t deserve the exact same treatment.  They do.)

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