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North Korea!

Beware. He’s everywhere. It kind of had to be done. I guess North Korea is now going to threaten Mr W, sorry about that.

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Sorry for the holiday non-cheer.

Obviously, still apathetic and depressed.  Given that…Happy Holidays! Also, saw something so true I had to share.  Thanks for IMAO for the assist.

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All is proceeding as planned.

My master plan is almost complete.  Soon, my minions.  Soon my transmogrification will come! And on that day there will be many other changes…

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I dare call it.

Last night the President of the United States took the law into his own hands.  Previously he has said that the President has no authority to supersede Congress.  This is true.  He then proceeded to supersede Congress. Thus Barack Obama has, beyond any doubt, betrayed his oath of office to … Continue reading

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Feminists create a shirtstorm because they hate astronomy.

So.  We, meaning the human race, just landed a probe on a comet.  This is the first time evah, making it the biggest deal in space and rocketry in…heck, I dunno, decades. You heard about it yet? If you have, … Continue reading

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I realize time and again how tired I am of the pseudo-left and the pretend-right. Can’t we just, I don’t know, ship them all to Siberia? What even is the difference between today’s pseudo-left and pretend-right? There is very little … Continue reading

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Yet more evidence of why I’ve given up.

These people aren’t covered in tar and feathers.  We could be czars. Buzzfeed calls such comments “shocking”.  Oh, please.  Look at what you’re doing, Buzzfeed.  These people are declaring themselves to be your owners.  So how do you respond? You bleat. If puny humans were still … Continue reading

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