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How many senses can human beings possess? I’m up to nine point five (and counting).

It is generally agreed that there are five human senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. This number is grossly inadequate to explain the sensorium,  but remains generally accepted because…generally…people are credulous sheep. About three years ago I described personally witnessing a … Continue reading

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Trying to get back into a posting groove?

In the amount of time I agonize about not writing or blogging, I could probably put up a couple of Instapundit-pithy posts. (Too late for this one, obviously.) So, I’m currently reading the Mistborn fantasy trilogy.  It’s exceptionally good.  I’m no fantasy fan … Continue reading

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Double doom! Ha ha ha.

Hey! Still working in Illinois.  Haven’t been blogging for the same reason as always…what good would it do? But America’s doom has accelerated so much in the last few days, how can I resist?  And since it would be uncouth to whisper I … Continue reading

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Going through bandwidth withdrawal.

My motel’s wifi is currently horrendous.  It took me almost ten frustrating minutes just to approve Tazio’s comment on the previous post. Supposedly two routers are being replaced.  Until matters improve, my web presence is essentially null.  Can’t post, can’t … Continue reading

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Socrates reborn.

Having not been around lately, I’m appalled to discover that a humanoid-generated comment has been languishing in Limbo for a week!  Obviously I’m about to approve it (for certain values of “approve”) but I wanted to share it here as … Continue reading

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In Illinois for the summer.

Hey! Just started working at a DOE site that shall remain nameless (but it’s near Chicago).  Should be here about 16 weeks. No overtime, and no family or friends here, so who knows?  I might put up a post or two soon.  It’s … Continue reading

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Shama llama ding dong.

I only now have heard about the llama saga.  The only value I could possibly add is to ensure that you’ve all read one of Odgen Nash‘s best: The one-l lama, He’s a priest. The two-l llama, He’s a beast. And I … Continue reading

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