Michael Ramirez is the man.

Don’t know if we’ve featured him here before, but you’ve all seen his work, I’m sure.


Thanks to investors.com, where I saw this.

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Obamacare screenshot.

A reader sent in an interesting snapshot of the workings of the obamacare website.  Of course, they would probably say the problem is that he didn’t put in any personal information, just “texas” for the state.


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The end is nigh.

A woman will finally be the chair of the Federal Reserve.

“Markets are giving Yellen the thumbs up, counting on quantitative easing being maintained at full pace until further notice,”

Am I sexist?  Don’t think so.  I’d trade both Yellen and Obama for Margaret Thatcher anytime, anywhere.  Of course I’d also trade those malevolent two scrubs away along with every single Democrat, two-thirds of the Repubs, and every single political “activist” who will ever exist.  What would I ask in return?   Nothing.



“Let’s keep devaluing money because what’s the worst that could happen?”

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What about a ninja SEAL?

How about that, Mr. “Head of US Joint Special Ops”?

And now you know what kind of news it takes to get me blogging these days.

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Requiescat in pace.

Tom Clancy, 1947-2013

I haven’t read Clancy in years, and never felt the hunger to find and consume all of his work, a la Zelasny and Vance.  I merely read Red Storm and the Jack Ryan novels.

Clancy wasn’t a great writer, because he wasn’t a great wordsmith.  He was “only” a very good one.  But man, could he tell a story.  He was a great, great, great storyteller.  How great?  Every single Hollywood adaptation of his novels has been worth seeing…yes, even the Ben Affleck one.  This puts Clancy’s storytelling instincts beyond Hitchcock, Spielberg, and even Uncle Walt.  There is Clancy and there is Pixar.  That is all.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Clancy.

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My Muse sucks.

There once was a limerick writer,

A Bad-A$$ poetical fighter,

Who, forsaking tradition,

Risked classic perdition,

And scornful poets brighter,

By making a sixth-line addition!


Hurts, don’t it?

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If only “down” was “up”.

Sorry for the latest disappearance.  Instead of following the “news”, have been catching up on my ComicsAlliance and Comics Curmudgeon reading.

But if you insist on current events, the German Science Babe (my lovely new sister-in-law) just opined on America’s governmental shutdown.  Specifically, she noted that shutting down is obviously different than shutting up.

I, as the sole grandmaster of the English language, must therefore weigh her in the balance.


I find her to be awesome.

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